Kanban Foundation

Kanban is much more than stickies on a wall!

This foundation course helps you start improving the delivery of your product/service using the Kanban method. The Kanban method is an engine to deliver more value faster, in a sustainable and predictable way. Using Kanban, organizations can inject a culture of improvements and experimentation in teams, services, products and value streams, achieving 25 to 400% productivity increase.

Length 2 days (Both days include interactive sessions like simulations and games to better grasps important concepts.)
Target group The Kanban Foundation course is primarily aimed at individuals working with, or managing, Knowledge Work that want to improve their efficiency and effectiveness. Knowledge Work applies to: Marketing, HR, Sales, IT, Communication, Administration, non-profit org, etc.

Specifically, persons with the following roles:

  • Managers (Business, Product/Service, Project, Function/Unit, Development, Operations, Team)
  • Team leads & members
  • Coordinators
  • Change agents
Prerequisites None.

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