Kanban Kickstart

The workshop that gives you no excuses to not start with Kanban! At the end of this one day workshop, your team will have the Kanban system it needs (board and policies) to understand its current condition and start evolving towards what it needs to become to succeed.

Length 6-8 hours
Target group Any team (group of persons with a common goal) co-located, or not, that needs to improve their way of working together. The team-lead and/or manager must be part of the workshop.

  • Product development teams (IT or not)
  • Service delivery teams (IT or not)
  • Management teams
  • Coordination teams
  • Etc.

The setup has been used successfully for teams in IT, HR, Communication, Marketing, Sales, Support, Administration, Projects, Maintenance, etc.

Prerequisites None.

This workshop is conducted by Christophe Achouiantz, Lean Kanban University’s Brickell Key Award winner 2016. Christophe is the co-author of the Kanban Kickstart method used effectively in many companies worldwide.

During the day, your team discusses and agree on:

  • The purpose of the team
  • Success criteria for the team
  • What and how to visualize to be in control of the work
  • What policies govern the work
  • When and how to meet to discuss the current condition
  • How to see bottlenecks and waste
  • How to evolve to succeed

During the day, the facilitator helps the team to design the right Kanban system based on the team’s nature, purpose and success criteria.

The workshop requires 6-8 hours with a team (2 to 20 persons).

The setup is different for larger teams or functions (composed of multiple teams), contact us for more details.

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