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Reduce the time you spend on each case. Kepner-Tregoe is a methodology to collect, organize and analyze information so that you can quickly and easily solve problems, make decisions and manage risks. For more than 50 years, Kepner-Tregoe, one of the world’s leading management companies used this methodology to increase the effectiveness of global organizations, such as NASA, IBM, Sun Microsystems, RIM and Siemens.

Too often we spend too much time and attention to processes and tools, and less to behavioral skills, but the process does not add any value before the people doing the real work has changed their behavior. This two-day course develops critical thinking in the situation assessment, problem analysis and decision analysis and gives participants the skills to use these skills for troubleshooting, regardless of the underlying technology. After the course, you can get certified in Kepner Tregoe Foundation.

Length 2 days
Target group All roles that have some form of managerial or responsibility function benefit from this course. Groups that handle many cases between each other, such as a management team, a troubleshooting team or all responsible within a specific department has the greatest power to take the course along which all have a common methodology that can be used directly after the course.
Exam We do not write the exam during the course. The recommendation is that you write the exam within 2 weeks after completing the course. The exam is 60 minutes.
Prerequisites No previous knowledge required.

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