Lean Kickstart

Concretely start introducing Lean in your organization. Lean is about thinking for yourself and find your own solutions in your own context. This workshop is the best way to start this journey: listen to your team.

Introduce Lean thinking in your organization with this two days workshop. Using Lean principles and practices, a function/department or team will identify its critical value creation streams and create the necessary conditions to start improving at least one of them (including roles and responsibilities).

Length The workshop usually requires 2 days, but the setup may vary depending on the size of the group and the context.
Target group A team managers, functional managers, unit managers or senior executives wanting to set a put a “team” on the path to improvement using Lean. Most, if not all, of the stakeholders in the chosen value stream must be present, or at least accessible, during the workshop.
Prerequisites Commitment from senior management.

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