Finish your activities with Kanban


“More, faster!” Is the need for each organization. Many groups now have more activities than they have time, each meeting will be a priority appointment. In this situation it is easy to work on everything at once, but nothing gets done.

During this seminar, we present the Kanban method used as a tool to organize, prioritize and complete the activities within the working group. Kanban is the perfect tool to see and understand the value streams in your organization, and gradually make the flow more efficient. When you see and understand what is going on, with the help of facts, you can develop your organization to meet your challenges easier.

The seminar is presented by Christophe Achouiantz, Lean / Agile Coach at Aim 4 Knowledge.

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Stockholm 22 februari
Gävle 23 februari
Borlänge 9 mars