Create a Bookshelf account

Redeem a Code

  • You will be provided with a 20-character registration code. These can be redeemed directly into Bookshelf online.
  • To redeem log into Bookshelf online.
  • Click on the Redeem option.
  • Paste the code

Resetting your Password

Please follow the steps below to reset your password:
  • Visit
  • You will be taken to the password retreival form.
  • Enter in the email address you used when you setup your Bookshelf account.
  • You will recieve an email that has a link in it. Click on the link and you will be taken into your profile page. (Note: This link is only valid for 24 hours and once it has been used it cannot be used again.)
  • Once you are logged into your profile page change your password and re-enter the new password in the confirmation field.
  • Once you’ve updated your password click the save button to save your new password.