A step by step Guide on how to take an Online Proctored Exam

Before you take the exam, you need to:

  • Check that your system is compatible with ExamShield by visiting http://www.peoplecert.org/en/Candidates/Test-it-before-you-take-it/Pages/test-it-before-you-take-it.aspx
  • Have a valid photo ID available, such as National ID card, passport, driving license, military card, employer identification card (in English), Academic ID, as your web proctor will need to verify your ID before you begin your exam.
  • Disable any Virtualization Software such as VMware, Virtual PC, Virtual Box or Sandbox during the exam. For exam security reasons, the ExamShield cannot run through any virtualization software. You should also close any applications that might affect the exam process, such as web browsers, chat, desktop sharing and mail client applications.
  • Ensure that your computer meets the following system requirements:
    • For Windows
      • Windows® 10, Windows® 8.1, Windows® 8, Windows® 7, Windows® Vista.
      • Dual-core 2.4GHz CPU or faster with 2GB of RAM (recommended)
      • An active Full-Time/Broadband internet connection of at least 4Mbps
      • 16-bit monitor (at least 15”) with screen resolution 1024 x 768 or higher
      • Keyboard and mouse or other pointing device
      • A single web camera (embedded or external) you can rotate
      • Speakers and microphone (the use of headsets is not allowed)
    • For Mac
      • OSX 10.9 (Mavericks), 10.10 (Yosemite) or 10.11 (El Capitan).
      • Mac compatible web camera and microphone (for Mac Mini and Mac Pro)
      • An active Full-Time/Broadband internet connection of at least 4Mbps
      • Apple Keyboard and mouse or any other pointing device
      • Speakers and microphone (the use of headsets is not allowed)

On the day of the exam, please ensure:

  • You have your photo ID available.
  • You can rotate your webcam 360 degrees.
  • No additional camera or screen is connected to your computer.
  • You are the only person in the room throughout the exam session.
  • There is no background noise in the room.
  • There is adequate light in the room, but no direct light towards the web camera.
  • Your desk is clean.
  • All phones are deactivated.
Please note:
  • You need to pre – install a printer in case you want to print the exam scenarios and exam result report. Alternatively, you will be able to view them in a pop up window during the session.
  • If you experience difficulties in installing ExamShield, please deactivate/disable any Antivirus software and repeat the above steps. The Antivirus software must remain deactivated throughout the duration of the exam. You are strongly advised to re-enable it upon the exam completion.

Now you are ready to follow the steps!

Step 1: Install the ExamShield (1 hour prior to the exam)

  • At least 1 hour prior to your exam, close all applications running in your computer.
  • Disable any Virtualization Software.
  • Click on the link included in the PEOPLECERT registration e-mail.

For Windows

  • Click ‘Accept and Install’ to install the ExamShield software.
  • Click Open/Run ExamShieldLauncher.exe. The installation should start automatically and may take a few minutes to complete.
  • Click ‘Check your System’ to confirm your system meets the ExamShield requirements. If your system is compatible, Click ‘OK’ and follow Step 2.

For Mac

  • Click ‘Accept and Install OSX client’ to download the ExamShield application. Wait until download is complete.
  • Double Click on ES.dmg file in the default Downloads folder (or from the location you selected before the download) to open it.
  • The .dmg file contains ExamShield application icon. Do not copy this file in the Applications folder or any other folder, as you won’t be able to launch ExamShield outside the .dmg.
  • Double click on the ExamShield icon to run the application. If you see the message below, click on Open.

Step 2: Log In to the ExamShield (10 minutes prior to the exam)

For Windows

  • Click ‘OK’ to login to the ExamShield. A pop up message will notify you if any application needs to be closed to continue with the exam.
  • Once logged in, one of the two following control panels will open: GoToMeeting control panel on the right, indicating you have successfully joined the session. You can minimize the control panel by clicking on the shrink control button.
  • The PEOPLECERT control panel on the right, indicating you have successfully joined the session. You can minimize the control panel by clicking on the red double arrow button.

For Mac

  • If you have GoToMeeting installed, click on Run GoToMeeting. If not, click on Get GoToMeeting and a window will open and start downloading the installer. Once the download completes, Exam Shield will ask you to save Citrix Online Launcher on the disk and will proceed with the GoToMeeting installation. If GoToMeeting does not install automatically, run the downloaded file (Citrix Online Launcher.dmg) from the location you saved the file at an earlier stage.
  • Once GoToMeeting is downloaded, installed and running, wait for the exam proctor to join the session. The Start Exam button will be enabled for you to login 10 minutes before the exam start time.
  • Make sure all applications are closed before logging in. If any applications are open, ExamShield will notify you that they need to close. Click on Close Applications. If an application doesn’t close automatically, check the application, save your work and close it manually. You will not be able to start until your online proctor unlocks your exam.

Step 3: Your online proctor joins the session

You will be instructed to:

  • Check your audio and video performance.
  • Show your ID to the camera.
  • Share your screen with your online proctor.
  • Confirm your personal details. If any of the information is incorrect, please inform your online proctor.
  • Your online proctor will let you know when you are set to begin your exam!
    Click Next to continue.
Please note:

Your exam session will be recorded and your Online Proctor will be online throughout your exam session in case you need any help. You must have your microphone on throughout the session. In case of communication loss during the exam, the Online Proctor will stop the process. Once the connection is re-established, you will be able to continue your exam using your remaining exam time.

Step 4: Begin your exam

  • Click Next to accept the terms of Use.
  • Click End Exam if you do not accept the terms and want to end the exam. A confirmation message will appear and you need to click Yes if you want to cancel the request and continue to the exam or No if you want to end the session.
  • Read the information carefully before you start the exam.
  • If you are taking an ITIL Intermediate or a PRINCE2/PRINCE2Agile/MSP/M_o_R/MoP /MoV/P3O Practitioner exam you may download the exam scenarios by clicking on the “Print Scenarios” button.
  • If you are taking a Lean Six Sigma exam you may download the help file by clicking on the “Print Scenarios” button.
Please note:

Acrobat reader is required to view PDF files.

  • Click Start Exam.

Step 5: Answer questions

  • The menu on the left shows all the question numbers. You can move from one question to the next by clicking on the question number. A bullet appears next to the question you are currently working on.
  • If you are taking a Lean Six Sigma exam, you have the option to use the WebATES’ calculator.
  • To return to a question, you can flag it, by checking the button next to the question number on the left menu. To unflag it, unclick the button. You can flag more than one question.
  • To answer a question, click on the square of the answer you want. You can change your answer by clicking on a different option. You may review a question as many times as you want.
  • A pop up message will remind you 15 min before your time is running up!

Step 6: End the exam

  • When you have completed your exam, click End Exam on the right menu. Your answers are automatically submitted and no changes can be made. Questions that have not been answered are marked as incorrect.
  • You will need to confirm that you want to end the exam.

Step 7: Take the Survey

  • You are prompted to complete a short Satisfaction survey, to provide us with feedback on your exam experience, or skip and proceed to your results.

Step 8: Get your results and that’s it!

  • The Exam Results Report appears. Please note that the results are provisional and subject to verification by PEOPLECERT.
  • Click the Print Report button to print the report.
  • Once confirmed by your online proctor that the exam session has been successfully completed, you will be asked to destroy any scratch papers you have used and close the ExamShield.
  • Please be advised to uninstall the ExamShield.
  • All done!