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Thinking in Services: Grokking the Fundamentals

Thinking in Services: Grokking the Fundamentals is an opportunity to deepen your understanding of services in terms of what they are, what they can be, and why they even exist; why they fail in unexpected ways. For that you will learn to see the designs of services with new eyes and new perspectives.

Whether you participate from the point of view of a customer or a service provider (in industry, government, or nonprofit), at the end of a three-day program, you will be able to, better than before:

  • communicate the concept of a service with clarity and depth
  • apply systems thinking to service design
  • analyze problems, identify fail points and fault lines
  • systematically improve designs

Whether your goal is to get better at developing ideas and concepts for new services, or at improving the designs of existing ones, you will learn with a small group of peers and professionals, going through a series of short lessons and exercises. The standard version of the program spans three consecutive days. The extended version spans four days: two consecutive days in two separate weeks with a break in between.

Length Standard Version: 3 consecutive days
Extended Version: Spans 4 days
Target group This course is for a broad audience and therefore provides a transdisciplinary view into the thinking that goes into the designs of services.
Materials You will receive a copy of the Thinking in Services book by Majid Iqbal, a workbook with exercises and templates, and the Story Boards cards – useful in setting up the 16x frame as a canvas for a collaborative design effort anywhere there is table space.
Prerequisites No prerequisites required.

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