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Information about the processing of personal data at Aim 4 Knowledge AB 

In connection with the introduction of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Aim 4 Knowledge AB wants to inform our customers about how we process the personal information needed for us to administer a course booking and certification exam.

Aim 4 Knowledge AB is responsible for personal data, ie responsible for the processing of the personal data that you provide to us when booking a course and a certification test.

Personal data that can be processed

Personal information that can be processed is information about your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address ie. information that you yourself have provided to Aim 4 Knowledge AB. The data is stored in the Aim 4 Knowledge AB booking register.

The purposes of the treatment

The information is needed for us to be able to administer your course booking as well as to fulfill the other commitments in order to be able to conduct training and certification exams in which you participate. E.g. there may be special requests for allergies. It may also be information about native language that affects the time of a certification exam.

As a customer of Aim 4 Knowledge AB you also get information via e-mail about new training and certifications.

Disclosure to others

The personal data may be processed by another organization / partner for the same purpose as stated above, except by Aim 4 Knowledge AB. This is only so that we can fulfill our obligations / obligations of your course and certification booking as well as against applicable laws and regulations.

Information on processing of personal data, correction, etc.

You have the right, upon request, free of charge, to be informed of what personal data about you we process and how we process them. You also have the right to request correction regarding personal data that we process about you.

It is of utmost importance for Aim 4 Knowledge AB that the personal data processed about you is accurate. Incorrect information will be corrected as soon as possible. In order for you as a customer to receive the best possible service, it is important that you immediately notify us of any changes that may affect our deliveries of education and certification to you.

You also have the right to request deletion of your information. Furthermore, you have the right to request limitation on the processing of your data and to submit a complaint to the Data Inspectorate. Read more about the processing of personal data at

You agree that Aim 4 Knowledge AB processes personal information about you in accordance with the above, by completing your course booking here on our website.

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