Terms and conditions

Invoicing and payment terms

Courses and certifications can be ordered against invoice by companies. Invoicing takes place with 30 days payment terms. The course fee must be paid before the course starts.

Interest on late payments is charged at 2 percentage points per month for outstanding liquidity from 30 days after the invoice date until full liquidation has been paid. Private individuals can pay via Paypal.

Cancellation and rebooking of course

Course registration is binding but not personal, but can be transferred to another person within the same company. Should re-booking or cancellation of course space need to be done this must be done at least two weeks before the course start. Should this occur at less than two weeks until the start of the course, 50% of the course fee will be charged. The entire course fee is charged if cancellation or rebooking occurs when less than one week remains before the course starts.

Canceled course

If Aim 4 Knowledge must cancel a course that has not started, for whatever reason, the customer has the right to choose between a refund of the course fee or having the course fee saved for a future course.

Interrupted course

If Aim 4 Knowledge has to cancel an already-started course, for whatever reason, Aim 4 Knowledge shall as far as possible ensure that the customer is given priority on the next subsequent course opportunity. Alternatively, the customer has the right to choose between receiving the course fee calculated on unused course days or saving the corresponding amount for a future course. The course fee per day is determined by dividing the total course fee by the course’s total number of training days

Limitation of Liability

In addition to repayment, the customer is not entitled to any additional compensation as a result of the course being canceled or interupted. Nor is there any rights for interest during the days of unutilized course fee stays at Aim 4 Knowledge’s disposal.