– Hi Christophe and welcome to Aim 4 Knowledge!
Thanks! I am really excited to join Aim 4 Knowledge.

– Could you briefly introduce yourself to our partners and customers?
My name is Christophe Achouiantz, a French guy with a passion for Lean and agile. I’ve started my IT journey in Sweden in 1998 as a network engineer, but quickly got involved in founding a startup in 2000. There, under the title of Development Manager, I’ve learn a lot on how to use Agile, and eventually Lean, to deliver value fast. After seven years, I switched to the consulting business to share my experience and apply myself to go deeper in to Agile (mainly using Scrum) and then Lean (mainly using Kanban). Since then, I’ve worked with a lot of different companies, large and small, public and private, to make them succeed using lean/agile methods, techniques and tools. My last employment was as Lean Coach in the IT department of a large high-tech engineering group. There I’ve been using Kanban extensively and won the Lean Kanban University’s Brickell Key Award 2016 for my work.

– Why makes Lean/Agile so exciting?
Lean and agile have become the standard way we ‘do’ work. All successful companies nowadays are using Lean and agile, not only for development, but also for managing the whole company. Lately, movements like DevOps – directly inspired by Lean/Agile – show how the mindset is still used to transform our ways of working to become what we must to succeed in today’s extremely fast moving, highly competitive and highly technological world.

– What is your role at Aim 4 Knowledge?
My role is product manager for the Lean/Agile area. This area is very exciting as it covers agile development and management, Lean, Kanban, User eXperience, Lean Startup, DevOps, etc. I will make sure to bring the best Lean/Agile education, training and workshops to our customers and partners. This kind of support is critical for any company to succeed – and maintain success – in the long term.

– Why are you such a great addition to the Aim 4 Knowledge team?
Apart from my broad Lean/Agile experience, I think that I complement well the excellent Aim 4 Knowledge team by bringing a fresh and different view on IT.

– Working for Aim 4 Knowledge, what’s the vision and direction you are going to take?
I will work to bring excellent training/education and work to make it personalized, relevant and directly usable for our partners and customers.

– Any predictions for the future?
The companies that will be successful in the near future are those that manage to thrive in a fast moving and highly competitive world. These companies will need to discover and adopt new ways of working, with the Cloud and the IoT, as well as continuously streamlining their existing legacy processes needed for control. The Aim 4 Knowledge Lean/Agile offering will be there to support meeting these challenges.

– How can people get in touch with you?
You can contact me at christophe.achouiantz@aim4knowledge.se, follow me on Twitter @ChrisAch and on my Blog http://leanagileprojects.blogspot.se